Love Lock

A forever-after symbol of everlasting love, conceived to hold a heart’s affection in the eternal sparkle of the diamond.

Prélude de Noel

If love is music in its purest form, you are the right notes I play and the melody my heart sings.


A minimalist-inspired design made to unravel obstacles in romance with simplicity.


Promesse literally means Promise. Promise is only as strong as the ones who made them.


True to its name “Espoir”, a French word, it brings hope, prospect and trust among lovers.

Goldheart x Bridal Trend featuring Emily Lim
Our Story

Since 1994, Goldheart creations have weaved its romance on countless people through beautifully crafted designs. A brand synonymous with sophistication and elegance, every gift is but an expression of lasting love. Unravel the romance of Goldheart Jewelry right here.

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